Montag, 27. Dezember 2010


So I just played a random game with Xin. Gotta love this 3-hit pwn guy.
I went to the fridge to get some drink, when i came back game started, we just had meelees and a jungler.
 Enemies were just AP ranged and Rammus. Kat was my opponent midlane ( I had to go mid ) and she got me very hard at the beginning. But due to map awareness we got them pretty hard and we didn't even get 3 towers before they gave up. also meelee > caster

remember me of this epic vid
check it


  1. I feel so out of touch with the games that people are playing these days.

    Just making my daily rounds, showing some support to my fellow bloggers.

  2. I play LoL every day almost :)

    cool game =]

    and nice video XD

  3. I've never played LoL. It looks pretty cool!