Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

So about these pvp-system problem in the last days, it just reminds me of GoA. I raged several times with the old client.
Hoping that Riot fixes the problems with the next patch (tomorrow?), i don't like new heroes when i can't even play the game.
And by the way where is the new map?

And for you the season 2 trailer:


  1. Awww yeah. They'll fix it, cheer up! Look at all that goodness!

  2. Great!

    Just making my daily rounds, showing support to my fellow bloggers.

  3. Someone obviously spent a lot of time on the trailer. I sometimes wish I played video games more often so I could enjoy what I see advertised instead of listening to friends talk about it.

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  5. Damn that trailer was impressive. Followed!

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  6. Haha, Riot are horrible with their customers, and pretty damn bad with their deadlines too.

    Ever tried to get online on patch day? Don't.

    My blog is also League of Legends based, so take a look sometime. I've followed you, feel free to follow back =3